About Indo American Fair

Indo-American Fair is being held since 2003. Since then, the fair has grown at a rapid pace. the fair is organized by Business NJ LLC. Events Managed by Royal Events and Cinestar Entertainment. An analysis of the event from 2003 to 2021, shows that thousands and thousands people attended the fair every year. It has seen phenomenal and unparalleled success. This is one of the best events for the people of South Asian descent in USA which continue to garner more and more support from audience, vendors and corporate world. Every year, the event is planned to surpass the records of previous years and make it vibrant, entertaining and pronounced.

The audiences have demonstrated a keen and deep interest in the various facets of art and culture of India, which were presented at the previous fairs and we attempt to bring them back year after year for them. In the past, number of Assemblymen, Mayors of West Windsor & other townships, local dignitaries, community leaders and members of Governor’s Cabinet have also attended to show their support for this diversified and cultural event. Fortune lists of companies have also shown their support and participation to make this event successful. 

Since the outset of the Fair in 2003, the Fair has its impact felt in the neighboring and other States. Due to the extensive marketing and awareness campaign, vendors from many states including Georgia, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Long Island, Pennsylvania, California, Connecticut, New Jersey and even Canada started participating and displaying their various articles of arts, handicrafts, costume jewelry, ethnic dresses, paintings (both contemporary and traditional) among others at this event.

This year the Indo-American Fair will showcase various items of Indian art, handicrafts, costume jewelry, traditional Indian dresses, paintings, artistic brass work, multi-linguistic cultural programs including regional dances, live entertainments and live performance from the winners of Indian Idol and much more. The fair integrates and fortifies different communities and presents a true diversity, varied arts, various cultures and programs under one platform. Vendors from all over the United States will participate, as in the past, to display their best-enriched artwork to attract and evoke interest in people. The giving away of gifts is sure to attract more and more people to the Fair. Therefore, the two day fair would offer many opportunities to our vendors and sponsors to interact with thousands of potential customers at a personal level, while also performing important market research and gathering valuable demographic and economic data. The Fair has shown immense leadership and has earned eclat and encomiums from various sections of society including public officials.